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Seven Canyons Composites™ (SCC) engineers composite frac balls, downhole tubing, frac plugs and plug development as well as other composite products for the oil and gas energy services. Our focus is on developing innovative tools with competitive pricing to drive down cost and eliminate waste during drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations. We excel in creating custom engineered composite solutions for the energy sector. Raw fiberglass epoxy tubing or raw billet is available upon request if you’re looking to design your own frac plugs.

SCC is a growing product line of Advanced Composites, Inc. and produces in accordance with the strict standards outlined in the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certification for design and manufacturing of composite structures. All SCC customers benefit from engineering and manufacturing processes subjected to rigorous quality control standards.

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composite frac ball engineering

Unlike traditional composite frac balls, there is no well defined 2-dimension ply structure that can create a failure mode along a shear plane as illustrated in the model above.  In addition to isotropic material characteristics as a result of multiple fiber orientations, the patent pending coreless filament winding, ultra-high compression molding of the pre-form from which the ball is produced dramatically reduces the void content compared to traditional composite processing techniques. The absence of voids is evidenced from the translucent appearance of the product. The end result being a ball with higher, more consistent performance in extreme conditions and independent orientation.


CMM Precision Testing

The FWC Composite Frac Ball has been tested and certified for pressure holding capability of 10,000 PSI at 350° F by a third party independent lab.  Custom testing for customer specifications and fixturing at other temperatures and pressures is available.  All FWC Composite Frac Balls are inspected for dimension, surface finish, and process conformance prior to shipment.  Third party test reports available upon request. Product traceability per ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality standard.



FWC-series Composite Frac Balls are engineered to overcome issues related to typical composite frac ball construction.  Utilizing a patent-pending process and design, FWC-series Composite Frac Balls maintain performance regardless of the orientation of the ball on the ball seat. Continuous fiber reinforcement in multiple orientations allow the ball to provide similar performance in all orientations.

Frac Ball

The FWC Composite Frac Ball by Seven Canyons Composites has been designed and manufactured utilizing a patent pending coreless filament wound, ultra-high compression molded process. The result is a composite frac ball that has outstanding pressure and temperature performance regardless of ball orientation on the ball seat.


  • Current stock diameter – 2.25  inch.
    (additional sizes available upon request)
  • Material – Fiber Glass Reinforced Epoxy Resin.
  • Pressure Capability* – 10,000 psi TYP
  • Temperature Capability* – 350 F°
  • Diameter Tolerance – (+/- 0.002 in)
  • Specific Gravity – 2.0-2.2
  • Surface Finish – 50 Ra
  • Patent Pending

*Frac balls have been tested and independently verified for performance at 350° F at 10,000 PSI by a 3rd party testing company. In-house testing per customer specifications and fixturing at other temperatures and pressures is available.

Composite Frac Ball

Frac Plug

The SCC 4.5 Frac Plug is a filament wound, CNC machined, composite plug which allows faster mill out times than metallic plugs. The plug has been tested by an independent 3rd party vendor to ensure performance. The plug is intended for zonal isolation during well stimulation in conditions up to 300°F and 11000 psi. Each plug goes through a rigorous quality control verification process that conforms to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Composite Frac Plug - Seven Canyons Composites


  • Use with 4.5” 13.5# P110 casing. (3.92”-3.992” ID)
  • Max temperature: 300°F.
  • Max pressure: 11000 PSI.
  • Plug length: 26.275”
  • Frac ball: Ball drop, 2.25”
  • Setting tool: Baker 10 setting tool

*Frac plugs have been tested and independently verified for performance at 300° F and 11,000 PSI by an independent 3rd party testing laboratory.


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