Seven Canyons Composites™ is expanding our inventory to include a 3.5-inch diameter composite frac plug. Designed and manufactured using state of the art technology and utilizing a patent pending filament wound, ultra-high compression molded process, Seven Canyons’ FWC 3.5-inch composite plug ball can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures regardless of ball orientation. The FWC composite frac ball will be tested and ready for consumer use very soon. Watch for updates and additional composite frac ball sizes to be added to Seven Canyons Composites™ line up in the near future. Seven Canyons Composites™ engineers composite frac balls, downhole tubing, frac plugs and plug development as well as other composite products for the oil and gas energy services. Our focus is on developing innovative tools with competitive pricing to drive down cost and eliminate waste during drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations. Creating custom engineered composite solutions for the energy sector is where our expertise can take your operations to the next level. In addition, we supply raw fiberglass epoxy tubing or raw billet upon request if you’re looking to design your own frac plugs.

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