Engineered composite frac balls with isotropic material characteristics

FWC-series frac balls from Seven Canyons Composites are engineered to overcome issues related to typical composite frac ball construction.  Utilizing a patent-pending process and design, FWC-series frac balls maintain performance regardless of the orientation of the ball on the ball seat.


FWC-series Frac Balls are manufactured in the United States at an ISO 9001:2015 with AS9100D certification for design and manufacturing of composite structures.  All FWC-series frac balls pass rigorous testing and inspection requirements.

FWC-series frac balls have continuous fiber reinforcement in multiple orientations allowing the ball material to have similar performance in all directions.  Unlike traditional composite frac balls there is no ply structure that allows failure along a shear plane as seen above.

In addition to isotropic material characteristics, the proprietary ultra high compression molding of the ball material yields balls that have significantly reduced void content in comparison to traditional composite processing techniques resulting in better and more consistent performance in extreme conditions.

composite frac ball engineering

Figure 1: Our composite frac balls are designed with state of the art CAD and FEA. Precision manufacturing with the latest CNC and machining technology. 

composite frac ball shear failure

Figure 2: Built with advanced technology to avoid issues with directionality of traditional composite frac balls. Ours have no laminate “stack” that causes shear failures seen in other products.